The livestock breeding industry of the Altai Krai is represented by the following sub-sectors: dairy and beef cattle breeding, pig breeding, poultry farming, horse breeding, sheep breeding, velvet antler deer breeding, apiculture, fur-farming and fish farming.

The region ranks 4th in Russia in terms of cattle herd numbers, and it is in the top three in terms of milk production.

The leading livestock breeding sub-sector in the region is dairy cattle breeding. The dairy cattle herd is represented by the Black-Pied, Red-Pied, Red Steppe and Simmental cattle breeds.

More than 100 economic entities in all climatic zones of the Altai Krai raise specialized beef cattle breeds.

The modern pedigree breeding in the Altai Krai is represented by 62 pedigree breeding farms, nucleus farms and pedigree livestock breeding organizations including 27 pedigree breeding enterprises specializing in dairy cattle and beef cattle.

In recent years, poultry farming in the Altai Krai shows its stable development. The poultry farms of the region specialize in the production of eggs and poultry meat.

Pig breeding is one of the main livestock breeding sub-sectors in the Altai Krai. Its development in the region is determined by the availability of feed production: the grain production of the region supplies almost all ingredients of pig diets, there are formula feed factories.

Sheep breeding is an important sub-sector of the livestock breeding industry and plays a significant role in supplying specific types of raw materials and food products. There are about three million ha of pastures for sheep in the region. Today, the sheep breeders of the region successfully raise mutton-wool sheep and mutton sheep.

The Altai Krai is a region of traditionally developed horse breeding. This sub-sector is represented by the following directions: raising working horses, sporting horses (trotting and roadster breeds), draft horses, and horse herd farming. Horse herds are available in all districts of the region. The Altai Krai is in the top five in terms of horse herd numbers among the Russian regions.

Velvet antler deer breeding in the region is one of the sub-sectors showing stable development due to the high profitability of the deer products and a steady demand for the velvet antler deer products both in the external and domestic markets. More than 24 thousand heads of marals (Cervus elaphus sibiricus) and sika deer (Cervus nippon) are raised on 30 farms of six mountainous districts of the Altai Krai with developed velvet antler deer breeding. The products of the velvet antler deer breeding are exported to the regions of Russia and abroad.

Apiculture is one of the most important sub-sectors of the farming industry. On the one hand, the bees produce valuable food products and raw materials for industry. On the other hand, the use of bees for the pollination of entomophilous crops and wild plants increases their productivity and maintains the botanical diversity. The successful development of this sub-sector contributes to the rural area problem solution: the employment of the rural population and increasing personal incomes. The honey produced in the Altai Krai exceeds the honey of other Russian regions in terms of many quality indices. The annual total honey production is more than 6000 tons.